Weeding Ritual

The physical foundation for Living the Simply Good Life is a simply soothing environment. Mindfully shift to manifesting one that no longer depletes your life energy and simply nourishes the depth of your being, freeing you from entanglements and excessive attachments in life. It’s normal to accumulate material possessions over the course of one’s life but it is also vital that we clear out excesses we no longer need.

The second essential tip for Living the Simply Good Life is to weed out everything that has not been used for last 12 months or more. Start by going through closets, drawers and cabinets, one room at a time and decide whether you will donate them to a thrift store or community service provider that supports impoverished individuals. You might also choose to have a yard sale or even donate to people in your neighbourhood and community. Every weekend, take at least one box or bagful out and it won’t be long before you will literally and physically feel immensely freed in your life, with more space to breathe freely and live freely everyday for the rest of your life!

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