Inner Simplicity

Weeding out excessive material accumulations is essential for creating the simply good life. Another vital practice is reducing old habits that no longer serve you well. Think about all the things you have been habitually doing for years that overly consume your days. As a result, there is never enough time to fulfill your deepest desires within.   

There are many external attractions in our world. Some common examples include being fixated on technology, media, advertisements, family dramas, foods, shopping excursions, and endless entertainment. Ask yourself what overly consumes your days. It may be something as simple as engaging in too many text messages or phone conversations. It may be watching too many tv shows or videos, or engaging in too much family drama. 

Make a list of all the activities that inhibit the simply good life. Post this list somewhere that’s easily visible so it will be a regular reminder of this important step. Now choose one habit you will start releasing this month. For me, it is reducing the number of books I am reading. On this new day today, I start afresh with more time to live the simply good life. I commit to mindfully freeing myself from these old attachment and revel in the wholeness of the simply good life!

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