Simply Good!

In today’s challenging world, love, peace, harmony and basics of the good life are sought after by many. This has certainly been my quest for more than 40 years as I continuously sought freedom from sufferings and greater alignment with heart desires. My journey of seeking the simply good life with vitality and balanced wellness has been utterly astounding as challenges and surprising unfoldings have brought key lessons and deep wisdom from within. I have healed my past and finally come home to a place in my heart where I feel most comfortable and safe, able to live fully and vibrantly with grace, ease, and joy each and every day. This process has purified my being and literally brought a new reality to all my experiences. I now feel free as a bird that soars high up in the sky and as I float effortlessly with winds of life under the power of the sun, soul beckons me to spread my wings even further by sharing all learned wisdom and essential practices with others, to elevate love on our planet!

In celebrating Wise Sister’s 10th Anniversary, monthly blogs are now shifting from ‘True stories with life lessons’ to ‘Living the Simply Good Life!’ I welcome you to this new series of essential practices and vital insights necessary for enhancing quality of life from the inside and out!

Wise Sister’s first branch: “Mind Master Training ( will continue with weekly empowering blog posts covering vital mental fitness and mindfulness tips. The current series is aligned with Wise Sister’s upcoming blogs, on the topic of Transforming Realities!

Wise Sister’s newest branch ‘Healing with Nature and Spirit will continue theme of ‘True stories with life lessons, told with a pinch of humour!’ These stories posted on Wise Sister’s are based on adventures in nature where spontaneous occurrences bring moments of magic with mysterious outcomes! I invite you to sign up for these to enhance your journey home with delightful revelations and spiritual wisdom learned through Mother Nature!

Living the Simply Good Life! Welcome to the first step of this amazing journey, which is the ultimate path for coming home to your true self! From hereon in, you will literally find yourself shifting from a ‘human being who has spirit’ desiring better quality of life to a ‘spiritual being having a human experience” with ultimate quality of life! It will certainly be awe-inspiring and a fun adventure as you delve deep into your inner knowing and discover keys for living the simply good life!

Make time and space for yourself to meditate in silence to discover what you truly desire deep within. Commit to a large block of time, preferably 2 to 3 days or more and remove self from technology, media, work, and entangled relationships. Choose a retreat location that nourishes your body, mind and soul. Perhaps it is a treasured place in nature, a local holiday destination or a favourite room in your home where you are free from distractions and interruptions. As you sit in silence, breathe deeply from your abdomen several times to calm mind and body. Then focus your attention on what the simply good life means to you. Envision yourself actually experiencing it in the moment. Where are you and what are you doing? Who else is present, if anyone and what is in your surroundings? What brings you satisfaction, peace, and joy? Create a list of all the things you can do to improve your quality of life while decreasing complexities.

Some common examples are: getting rid of things you don’t use anymore; decreasing your need for goods and services; dissolving pain in relationships; simplifying eating habits; and creating simple comforts in our ever changing world. Believe this is all possible! Believe you can change your realities from this moment forward! Being clear about what changes are needed is the turning point where transformation truly occurs. Imagine the new reality right now with reduced stress and more time to do things you really want to do!

The vital lesson today is to become your own best friend! This is an essential part of transformation and coming home to true self! Enjoy your retreat and reflection time. I look forward to continuing this journey of purification and enlightenment with you. Living the Simply Good Life will bring us all closer to the realm of love, peace, harmony and greater fulfillment!

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