Love YOUR LOVE forever more!

Gift self love from awakened heart. Allow yourself to simply be in every moment with unconditional acceptance. Envision your ‘being’ like the most beautiful tree you love and have admired for a very long time. Through out each and every passing moment and changing season, you continuously marvel over its natural beauty and liveliness, its uniqueness and ever-changing shape from on-going growth.

Know deep within yourself that you are also continuously growing and evolving through each and every passing moment and seasons of change. Your growth brings you to higher levels of awareness and consciousness, supporting your evolution to become one with the tree, sun, moon and stars. Always know that love will be ever present as long as you carry energy of unconditional love within self. Be generous and give to yourself just as much as you enjoy giving to others. Simply be your own natural beauty that the tree mirrors back to you!

Blossoming cherry sakura tree on a green field with a blue sky and clouds.

Create Joy in Your Life

Every morning, at the start of each day before you rise out of bed, journal all you remember from dream world. Jot down your observations and feelings you witnessed in events. Then step into silence and still the active mind. Allow valuable insights to arise within and ponder “What messages are here?” “What mirrors my pure existence?”

Know that whatever arises within will support your journey forth with greater joy and ease. Then ask self one final question “What nourishes depths of my being?” After more insights arise, journal potential activities you would like to include in your day. It may be time in nature, time with heartfelt close friends, or going out to buy fresh produce from a farm to enjoy a nourishing meal that supports body and soul! Joy can be a part of your life, in every moment and every day!


Rebirth with the Earth!

Living the simply good life is all about living with love in body. Be one with earth as the free air it generously gives you is also what you can generously give back to self and world. With every breath of fresh air you take in, move peacefully and mindfully through all body parts, from head down to neck, to shoulders then arms, chest to back, then down to buttocks and genitals, thighs to calves and ankles and finally feet. Feel you being fully grounded with the earth and observing your rebirth in the moment with Mother Earth!

Carry loving kindness and blessings with tenderness, ease and happiness as you flow through each and every part of your body. You may also say in silence with softness: “I love you and care for you.” I cherish you and honour you for all you give me.” “May you be happy. May you be at ease. May you be strong. May you relax.” In every passing moment, say whatever rises within that soothes and nourishes the depths of your being.

Honour and love your body everyday! Set intentions to walk forth in life with tenderness and kindness, generosity and graceful gratitude. More ease will certainly be the new reality as you live the simply good life aligned with body and earth!

Present of Presence!

Be your own true nature. Nothing you have to do, no one you need to pursue, nothing you need but only the breath of life. As you live fully and freely in moments unfolding, embrace faith on your humble path with loving kindness, generosity and compassion. This is all you need to thrive, just as a tree thrives through seasons of life!

BE the tree you love that has thrived for hundreds of years. BE the flower you love that blossoms more and more each and every day. BE the pool of water that reflects sun and moon energies. BE the light of fire that sparks your natural talents and creativity. Finally, BE grounded on earth, balanced with stability, courage and finesse. Once you align with nature’s elements, your true nature will BE the greatest present you gift yourself with in your own true presence!

Flow with Faith, Family and Friends!

When you’re Living the Simply Good Life with family and friends, flow with ease when dark energies arise. Live with an open heart as this is a vital part of wellness on human journey forth. Simply observe each and every step of the way and stay connected to your heart, to continually elevate consciousness to a new higher level of joy, peace and love!

In family gatherings and celebrations with others, notice any dark energies others carry and simply BE a model for peace, love, kindness and compassion. Witness the flow of energies around you and accept everything and everyone with a full open heart. There is no need to fix anything or anyone in the moment, even if others are continuously struggling with worries, fear and anger. Just wait until the time is right and you are ready to contribute to more positive vibrations in group dynamics. Share your wisdom and valuable insights that naturally arise within. Bring forth your open heart with loving kindness, grace, generosity and deep gratitude within.

The more you give in life, the more you will receive! Make sure you only give when you are ready as giving too soon when ripples of negativity arise can deflate your capacity to succeed, bringing fatigue and sadness. Remember the perils of life always bring important lessons for all of us to learn from. Releasing it is the portal to peace, joy, bliss and ecstasy. Here, the grace of living simply good life with family and friends will be your new reality!