Sweet Love!

Forests are always filled with surprises. You never know what is going to catch your eye or seize your attention. Many sounds, sights, smells and luring textures fill the environment. On a warm summer morning in July, new growth on evergreen trees shine ever so freshly under both sunlight and shade. Their bright light tone contrasts other needles significantly making it very easy to notice them. Hanging at the tips of every branch, low and high, far away and very close is new life that springs forth with a sacred sweetness. This aroma will instantly lead you to heaven on earth. To experiene this, practice deep breathing in the moment while calming and clearing the thinking mind. 

Stand before a branch filled with new growth and inhale/exhale through your nose. As your mind and body settles, reach out to a cluster of new growth and break off a small bunch of needles. Now break these needles in two so that you have a freshly broken edge at the tips of your fingers. Now close your eyes and bring these freshly opened needles to your nostrils and inhale deeply! Smell the sweet scent  and lose yourself to its fresh sweetness, incomparable to any other sweet growth on this planet.  All trees have different aromas. Continue to inhale and exhale until you lose yourself to the sacred scent. Like visiting a brand new world, meeting a newborn for the very first time, this experience will send your soul to the field of pure potential. We never know what is around the next corner in life but if you look for light and beauty, you are sure to find it. What you focus on becomes your reality!

Sweet love comes from all directions in life. This new growth on a tree with a sweet scent is derived from the sun, rain and mother earth. Its birth is from shared nutrients in its environment. Sweet love for self is the same, derived from within you and your surroundings. It is unconditional and infinite, abundant and everlasting. It is rich and naturally nourishing to the depths of your body and being. 

You are perfect just as you are. Love yourself just as you are. Accept all that you have. Strengths and weaknesses and through life, learn how to merge the two as one. See how your weaknesses are part of the whole, something that can make you stronger. Revel in your divinity with Sweet Love!

Arff … arfff!!!

Dusk is here and as day turns into night, the sun sinks down into the horizon eventually shining its light directly onto our face. The sky is completely cloud ridden, softening the sun’s light through a thin veil of transluscent curtains with varying shades and textures. Through this curtain which spans the entire horizon, two wondrous pockets of bright light emerge. Both sit at the same level as the sun, one on either side and at an equal distance away. Both are filled with glowing rainbow hues with warmer tones closest to the sun and cooler ones farther out. As the sun continues to sink down, so too do these rainbow pockets, mimicking the sun’s natural cyclical movement.

Science reveals these pockets are sundogs, created by sunlight refracting clouds containing hexagonal ice crystals. Their name was given in the 1600‘s, reflecting the perfect metaphor of how dogs inherently follow their master! Arfff … arffff!! 

We too can be a wondrous sundog! We can honour and revere the sun by following its natural cycle, sinking into our bed when day turns into night and disappearing under a very comfortable comforter! As we fall asleep, we can stay with the light within ourselves as we enter dreamworld. Just as the sun never stops shining, the light within us never stops shining either. So mirror the beauty of the sun, its warmth and light. Be the beauty of the sun and the glorious ray of light for all!


Holy Flower!

It’s springtime, a time for new life to spring up from Mother Earth! As I paddle around the perimeter of a gorgeous lake nestled within mountains, I come across a pretty magical garden grove. This garden emerges from ten feet of water, with roots interwoven on a soft bed of light brown soil. The waters’ surface surrounding the garden is filled with an abundance of beautiful circles, not only from droplets of rain but  also from perfectly flat burgundy colored leaves growing from below. 

Zillions of tiny white flowers decorate the grove, all blossoming from strong stems which stand a good foot above water level. Together they sway in the breeze revealing a wonderfully choreographed stage performance, dancing in unison to the melody of birds and rustling leaves all around. Mother nature’s natural symphony brings synchronicity to all of life!

Millions of little flower bouquets burst forth, revealing various stages of growth. The tiniest buds are deep purple, perfectly round little balls while those that have grown are much more elongated and white with light purple tones at the tip. Once blossomed, the petals arch open like a bridge spanning five directions, all revealing a wealth of delicate white hairs that curl and twirl upwards. At the center of each flower sits a wee green lollipop surrounded by five brown and yellow v-shaped stamen, all standing in a circle with ‘hands’ bowing to the sacred sweet center when the wind blows. Holy flower! 

Most full bloomed flowers look similar except for one. This flower has similar traits with one major difference! Instead of five petals, it has six! As a result, it has a larger face, more hairs and one extra stamen, one extra worshipper to bow to the sacred within! 

We too can be like this six petal flower. We can grow an extra level of sensory knowing by tapping into our intuition. Therefore we have extra filaments to sense the world around us and to move forward in life with more awareness. Open yourself to fully blossom! Open yourself to the mysteries of life and infinite possibilities beyond the thinking mind. Come home to your holy sacred being! 

Beary Nice!

At the base of a very steep hill, a young black bear walks gracefully along a low slow flowing creek bed. She is medium build, not fully grown and absolutely beautiful! Her head slowly sways left, then right; up, then down as she peruses the terrain moving upstream. The earth around her is fully covered with rotting tree debris and an abundance of wild growth. Ferns, big and little burst up like water fountains; moss, dense and vibrantly coloured cover rocks and fallen trees; thorny vines wind over, under and around everything. 

I sit quietly in the middle of the creek bed, crouched down low in camouflaged clothing between a few fallen trees. I feel very safe being invisibly nestled in Mother Natures’ habitat and curiously observe the bears’ energy and actions as she starts to walk uphill away from the creek bed. In less than a minute she disappears from sight and within another minute she returns, emerging ten to fifteen feet away from me. I am being observed by her as she looks down from between two living trees rooted in a large mound of earth amidst the creek. In this moment, we gaze into each others eyes. 

I admire her from head to toe, feeling like we were old friends who had not seen each other for a long time. Our sense of synchronicity brought a strong sense of oneness between us. There were no differences energetically at all. My calm and peaceful presence along with playful and curious inner child felt a divine connection with the bear!

Bears symbolize the power of unconscious, our inner knowing that comes through sensory perceptions. I inherently knew our connection without giving it a single thought. I felt our precious relationship and the immense gift of the moment! 

As my adult thinking mind came into action, I decided to leave her be and scramble back up the hill. I stopped twice to look back and observe what she was doing. At first glance, she was slowly walking down a slim diagonally fallen tree trunk and at second glance, she was scampering uphill with delightfully playful energy! Without a doubt, she had mirrored the inner child within me and she teaches us all to engage that part of us which ultimately leads us home to our true nature! 

mmm … MMM!

Hiking up a mountain brings wondrous views … not only from above but also from beyond and below! Overhead, the sky is vast, blue and limitless with beautiful puffy white clouds drifting ever so slowly across the horizon. Beyond are valleys and numerous mountain-scapes covered with an abundance of evergreen trees and majestic snowcaps in the distance. Below forested floors are rippling waterways, cascading creeks with water both flying and trickling down the mountain, winding left and right, up and down, over and under rocks, boulders and tree debris.

Within many waterways are side pockets of slower moving waters. These eddies and whirlpools vary in sizes and shapes with some completely covered in a frothy white foam. One large section holds a surprising creation. A mini white mountain of foam, about 8″ high and 7″ wide sits at its edge, twirling clockwise like a meditative swirling dervish dancer. As this mini mountain twirls around and around, it also floats clockwise around the entire circumference of the mini pool. Like heaven on earth, this magical mountain birthed out of the creek spins eloquently with grace and ease. It surprisingly maintains its resilient shape and strength with the winds of change. What makes this little white foamy mountain so durable? The answer is obvious! It is the invisible! What is not visible to the naked eye holds the field of pure potential! It is likely that invisible particles from within the waterway have intermingled with the rushing waters and flow of air to create a highly resilient substance!

You too can be just as resilient as this magical little mountain. Open yourself up to what you do not know and cannot ‘see’. Deep within is a vast sky of unlimited knowledge that comes from your own inner knowing! Surrender to the unknown and the sacred. Mirror the sacred energy of the little white mountain and allow the winds of change to strengthen your confidence and natural fortitude in life. Become the mountain! Now isn’t that tasty??! mmm …. MMM!!