mmm … MMM!

Hiking up a mountain brings wondrous views … not only from above but also from beyond and below! Overhead, the sky is vast, blue and limitless with beautiful puffy white clouds drifting ever so slowly across the horizon. Beyond are valleys and numerous mountain-scapes covered with an abundance of evergreen trees and majestic snowcaps in the distance. Below forested floors are rippling waterways, cascading creeks with water both flying and trickling down the mountain, winding left and right, up and down, over and under rocks, boulders and tree debris.

Within many waterways are side pockets of slower moving waters. These eddies and whirlpools vary in sizes and shapes with some completely covered in a frothy white foam. One large section holds a surprising creation. A mini white mountain of foam, about 8″ high and 7″ wide sits at its edge, twirling clockwise like a meditative swirling dervish dancer. As this mini mountain twirls around and around, it also floats clockwise around the entire circumference of the mini pool. Like heaven on earth, this magical mountain birthed out of the creek spins eloquently with grace and ease. It surprisingly maintains its resilient shape and strength with the winds of change. What makes this little white foamy mountain so durable? The answer is obvious! It is the invisible! What is not visible to the naked eye holds the field of pure potential! It is likely that invisible particles from within the waterway have intermingled with the rushing waters and flow of air to create a highly resilient substance!

You too can be just as resilient as this magical little mountain. Open yourself up to what you do not know and cannot ‘see’. Deep within is a vast sky of unlimited knowledge that comes from your own inner knowing! Surrender to the unknown and the sacred. Mirror the sacred energy of the little white mountain and allow the winds of change to strengthen your confidence and natural fortitude in life. Become the mountain! Now isn’t that tasty??! mmm …. MMM!!

One Step at a Time!

A young child is a natural lover of nature. They are spritely spirits intuitively playing with everything around them. It is mid-winter and a little 4 year old wearing a toque, boots and winter jacket combs the beach while holding a bucket and shovel. She scrapes the water-laden sand into her shovel and dumps it into her bucket, then quickly turns the bucket over hoping to make a sand castle. But the sand has not been pressed into the bucket enough to maintain shape and as a result, a a soft round mound spills out. With no look of disappointment, she pats the mound gently with the back of her shovel then reaches out to pick up a broken sea shell that has captured her attention. She lays the shell on top of the mound and then leaps up towards the water. Within seconds, she’s standing in a good 5″ of water with only 1″ remaining at the top of her boots. The chill of winter water has made her fingers bright red but she conveys no discomfort. At this point she says “I’m going to go out and get more water!” and then turns to walk further out to sea!

Adventure and moment by moment exploration is the present here. This is something we all can do to step back into our natural love for the wild world around us, trusting our intuition in the moment when safety may be a risk. One mindful step at a time will definitely reveal the turning point. Stretch yourself as this young child has done, moment by moment. Explore with curiosity and wonder, one step at a time and see how far you can go!

Rock On!

The sky has been overcast for days. A deluge of rain has soaked the forest floor yielding many rivulets of water traversing slopes. At the base of a very steep slope, a running creek has grown noticeably in volume, speed, sound and colour. The once clear slow moving waters are now golden with yellowy-green hues accentuated by zillions of rippling white bubbles dancing all over the creek. Their effervescent nature amplifies the energy of fast flowing waters, providing endless vistas and spots of wonder! 

In the middle of the creek sits a sizeable rock. Water soars up rapidly against it and pours overtop a smooth golden cloak. Halfway up the rock, tiny streams of water miraculously burst forth from many tiny holes in it’s belly. What looks like a solid rock from a distance is now seen as a “holy” rock! Mother Nature has created a mystical and magical form of art beyond human perception. The roaring waters bring these mini fountains to life and while most of the tiny holes spew out a steady stream of water, some only spurt little globs every few seconds.  Blurpp!  Gluhhht!! Flhooop! 

What looks rock solid and perceived as impenetrable is not always so. There are many unknowns  that are beyond human comprehension. Mother Nature yields the most breathtaking lessons for us to learn from. Is there a perceived block in your life, one that seems solid and impenetrable? Imagine this block holy, holding essential lessons for you to learn and grow from. Imagine this block a catalyst to discovering your authentic nature! Stay open, curious and alert in the moment. Be ready for change.  What seems impossible may indeed be possible. Open yourself to infinite possibilities in the moment!

Out of the Blue

Strolling through the forest is a wondrous experience, especially when sounds arise out of the ‘blue’ evoking curiosity and the imagination! “What was that?” “Where did it come from?” “Why is it making that high pitched screeching sound?” “Is it a bird or a rodent?” “Is it calling its mate or fleeing from a predator?” 

Unless you choose to trod off the beaten path into dense vegetation onto a pathless path, you’ll have to accept the mystery and carry on. This is one of the great teachings of forest walks! Accepting unknowns in the moment and continuing to do your best is as good as it gets in life! One cannot know everything and as life unfolds, it is indeed wise to shift from knowing to not knowing. What you don’t know in the latter half of life is more important than what you do know! So what don’t you know?! I don’t know!!!

Crane-ium Wisdom

Strolling through a slough at sunset, along an elevated path that follows a winding waterway, a sea of golden leaves decorates the ground. Fall is here. As the sun sets and warm tones blanket the sky, a colourful array of the leaves reflect back a sense of beauty with an overlay of raindrops from earlier in the day. Leafless trees fill the skyline next to abundant evergreens, ever green with trillions of rich needles. Flourishing life and end of life coexist naturally here as the end of day meets the start of a bright night. 

A large bird stands tall, perched strong and stable on one thick branch of a leafless tree. With long stick legs, a slender pointed beak, wee head and contrasting robust body, the crane grooms itself while maintaining great awareness of its surroundings. Its head moves up and down, forward and back, occasionally dipping its beak under its wings. Out of nowhere a loud SPLOOSH! echoes through the air as something drops into the water below it. The crane is not distracted at all by the sound and only continues to groom.

As the sky darkens and sun disappears, the moon rises up in the sky casting a soft glow behind the crane. By now the crane has lifted one leg and positioned it securely under its breast making it invisible to the world. Standing still and as strong as before, the crane becomes one with the environment. It exudes a state of serenity, standing peacefully on one leg mirroring the energy of the luminescent moon and still air surrounding it.

Be wise like the crane. Align yourself with nature and discover the magic of the moment. Refrain from distractions overtaking your senses and focus instead on maintaining balance in life. Mirror the energy of the crane’s single leg it stands on, focusing on a single source for grounding self: your commitment to all of you! 

Ocean in the City!

A new day has just begun. It is early morning and as the sun rises up in the sky, a magical golden glow is cast across a sizeable empty paved parking lot. Reflecting a soft orange glimmer, the pavement becomes a radiant ocean for more than 100 seagulls who regularly congregate here for their morning ritual. Half of them sit peacefully soaking in warm sun rays while the other half stand alert, observing activities around them and using their beaks to ruffle feathers under their wings. With no food sources, no water or wilderness around them, they appear to be in a natural habitat which they have adopted in our modern world.

The gulls have a significant lesson for us to learn! It appears that morning sun bathing is a good thing! So skip your shower and run out to an empty parking lot. Soak in the morning sun and then flap your wings like a seagull so you can fly freely for the rest of the day!

Just kidding!

It is evident that nature’s healing qualities are every where. We just need to look in the right direction and absorb the energy that is present. Just as the sun and outdoor air soothes and nourishes the gulls, they too can soothe and nurture us … the sun, air and birds! Make time every day to regularly breathe in the healing qualities of nature. Allow yourself to be nurtured by nature every chance you get!

Rainbow Mountain

In the midst of a 70,844 hectare park, a lookout reveals a beautiful low mountain at eye level and a sign board that tells the story of a devastating landslide that spontaneously happened more than 50 years ago. Today, many trees, bushes and plants have filled the once stone filled slide area. Ample greenery covers up the area revealing new life and liveliness all over.

The air is cool and winds strong. Rain and hail pelts heavily down, brushing diagonal streaks of white and grey against the dark green forested mountain side. As the rain and hail continues to pour, a flood of water sweeps the pavement at the lookout. Millions of water droplets and ice pellets dance boisterously over the smooth shallow flowing river. A great symphony of sounds, sights and sensations sweeps the area, impacting every living thing.

Clouds drift slowly across the sky. Light increases as the sun peers through thin veils of clouds, and then a rainbow appears. The rainbow is not high up in the sky but down at eye level with the lush green mountain as the backdrop. The rainbow disappears and then appears again, staying only for a few brief moments once again.

It is rare to see a rainbow so low on the horizon. It is absolutely magical seeing rainbow colours radiating brilliantly against a vastly contrasting dark green background. It is truly breathtaking! Magic happens when we least expect it. Maintain an open mind, as vast as the sky and be ready for magic to occur at any moment!