Sing your Song! Dance your Dance!

One of the most important aspects of the human journey is to ensure a sense of harmony in all your relationships. Imagine yourself dancing freely with others, with greater joy and absolute delight! Your natural vitality is alive and thriving with heightened energy from the inside out. This is where authentic expression and the gift of speaking from depth of true self exists. Deep within every human is an endless yearning to be totally free in life, to no longer be entangled in relationships that deplete your life energy.

Give yourself the right to express your inner truths and let go of what no does not support your natural vitality. For instance, if you have been in a challenging relationship for a long time, whether it be with a parent, work colleague, partner or family member who has been critical, harsh and triggered abandonment issues, allow yourself time and space to reflect on life with increased self love. Be open to the gifts of silence and what arises from within. It might be setting healthy boundaries by limiting time spent with them or maybe even ending a relationship. Know that anyone who does not nourish your true self, who makes you feel inadequate hinders the birth of true self and full natural expression.

In my journey, I had been lost for decades by giving overly to others in order to experience more peace in the outer world. As a result, my natural vitality has been sacrificed for the wellbeing of others. In Living the Simply Good Life, it is vital to let go of other peoples’ needs, thoughts and projections to honour our own needs coming from depths within. By honouring our purity, we can then sing our true song and dance our dance freely alongside others!

One Stop!

Living the simply good life embraces simplicity at its best. One stop shopping versus multiple stop shopping is another level of simple living that can nourish your life in powerful ways. Make one stop shopping your new way of getting all the basics you need. Choose one store close by instead of spending a large amount of time travelling to numerous specialty shops across town. As you incorporate this new way of living, the busyness of daily activities is greatly eased, opening you up for more free time to do what deeply satisfies you most! 

To make this your new reality, let go of old habits such as being a fuss budget, bargain hunter or eternal browser. Focus on being most efficient by creating one simple, direct, easy process. For example, shift from daily or weekly visits to grocery stores to one visit every 3 weeks or so. Create a list of basics needed and organize them according to store layout. Keep this list easily accessible so that you and other family members are always able to find it. The final tip is to buy in bulk to minimize trips! By incorporating all these vital steps, the simply good life will be your new way of living and being!

Sing Your Song!

One of the most important aspects of the human journey is to ensure harmony in all relationships. Imagine dancing with others and the world around you, exuding great vim and vigour, joy, delight, and zest! Your natural vitality is alive and thriving with heightened energy from the inside out! This is where authentic expression and the gift of speaking your truth exists. This is where your song emerges! Deep within every human is a ever present yearning for freedom in life, free from entanglements, estranged relationships and limitations.

Gift yourself the right to express inner truths and let go of what no longer supports your natural vitality. Whether it be with a family member, partner or work colleague, allow yourself time and space to reflect on your experiences and then step fully into the realm of unconditional love for self. Envision the child within you feeling 100% loved from the inside out! Observe what arises and commit to setting healthy boundaries if needed, where you can be all you are meant to be and others are free to be all they are meant to be as well. We each have a unique song to sing … let your melody come forth for the world to hear it and relish in your deeply nourished true nature!

Inner Simplicity

Weeding out excessive material accumulations is essential for creating the simply good life. Another vital practice is reducing old habits that no longer serve you well. Think about all the things you have been habitually doing for years that overly consume your days. As a result, there is never enough time to fulfill your deepest desires within.   

There are many external attractions in our world. Some common examples include being fixated on technology, media, advertisements, family dramas, foods, shopping excursions, and endless entertainment. Ask yourself what overly consumes your days. It may be something as simple as engaging in too many text messages or phone conversations. It may be watching too many tv shows or videos, or engaging in too much family drama. 

Make a list of all the activities that inhibit the simply good life. Post this list somewhere that’s easily visible so it will be a regular reminder of this important step. Now choose one habit you will start releasing this month. For me, it is reducing the number of books I am reading. On this new day today, I start afresh with more time to live the simply good life. I commit to mindfully freeing myself from these old attachment and revel in the wholeness of the simply good life!

Weeding Ritual

The physical foundation for Living the Simply Good Life is a simply soothing environment. Mindfully shift to manifesting one that no longer depletes your life energy and simply nourishes the depth of your being, freeing you from entanglements and excessive attachments in life. It’s normal to accumulate material possessions over the course of one’s life but it is also vital that we clear out excesses we no longer need.

The second essential tip for Living the Simply Good Life is to weed out everything that has not been used for last 12 months or more. Start by going through closets, drawers and cabinets, one room at a time and decide whether you will donate them to a thrift store or community service provider that supports impoverished individuals. You might also choose to have a yard sale or even donate to people in your neighbourhood and community. Every weekend, take at least one box or bagful out and it won’t be long before you will literally and physically feel immensely freed in your life, with more space to breathe freely and live freely everyday for the rest of your life!