Amazing Maze!

In silent meditations, access your amazing inner maze! Meditation opens us up to unknown paths where patterned thoughts from past disappear and mysteries arises moment by moment. This is the pivotal turning point where process of inner exploration might bring instant rewards, spontaneously and serendipitously to life journey. New ideas may also burst forth in moments leading you on a path of remarkable discovery. Even though this might take time, months or even years to achieve, there is really nothing better than living your life each and every moment by simply doing what resonates deeply within. Here you will see and feel miraculous rewards every day in your amazing life journey!

Happy Holy-day!

Celebrate this holiday season with your pure spirit and playful child-like energy within! Be aware of past traditions that influenced you significantly in your early years and particular experiences that no longer inspire or serve you well anymore. Having been raised with social, cultural and/or religious conditioning, observe habits you have lived with for a long time and what changes you would like to happen from here-on-in. Memories from past reveal all the external influences that created needs and expectations from others and yourself, which can certainly build great challenges over the years.

In living the simply good life, live fully in the moment with an open heart and shift by choosing better and expressing deeper desires when time is right. Begin this process by opening your mind to a place of greater awareness and allowing peace, calmness and unconditional love for self and others to surface as you allow mental clutter, old thought patterns, theories and habits to dissolve as naturally as they floated into your mind. Then ask yourself: “What would I really like to do this Christmas?” “What would I really like to experience for new year?” “What am I willing to commit to from this day forward?” Grab a pen and paper and journal stream of consciousness answers in the moment to ignite valuable insights and greater clarity. Then create a plan to take action and be your very own best friend!

It is common for all humans to have significant influences from external sources. Embracing a new level of awareness on what serves you best now is essential as it is not only empowering but also a profound portal for transformation and evolution of being. Take responsibility for yourself and child within, speak your truths when time is right and allow harmony between mind, body, and heart to surface. This is vital in order to model and elevate essence of love, light, peace and joy on planet!

Wishing you and your loved ones Happy Holy-days and a wonderful start to new year!

A DSLR photo of hands making a heart shape with the sun with beautiful sunbeams inside. Blue sky background. Space for copy.


Spend time in nature everyday! Regardless of weather, especially inexplicable forecasts, seasons or time of day desired, get outdoors to absorb the nourishing, restorative and inspiring powers of the great sky, magnificent trees, flourishing plants and wondrous waters. Leave all potential disruptions behind including your cell phone and company of others. Also avoid strangers who might walk into your space.

Simply sit in a place you are most comfortable or stand with ease and then breathe in peaceful energies of all that you are admiring. You could also stroll at an easy pace or eat slowly and calmly outdoors, consciously chewing the nature of your food. Spending alone time in nature is highly beneficial as it gives you opportunities to go into a silent meditative state and access the power of natural world. This is where you will connect with who you really are and come home to loving acceptance within and without!

Slow down!

If you find yourself feeling more and more tired as you continually engage in the external world, whether you are listening to media, working on technology or talking excessively with others, STOP! Slow down! Focus on breathing and breathe slower, more deeply until your mind and body are in a place of peace and harmony. Then gift yourself some time off, either a full day or several days in a place that nourishes you deeply.

You might choose to spend time in nature and align with the calming energy of your favorite tree, soothing ocean waters, or a pristine lake. Ground self more and more in every passing moment and while you are doing this, listen to voice within. Observe any images that might arise as well and emotions that surface along the way. If any questions arise, express them loud and clear to the world and wait to see what happens.

For instance, if you have experienced confusion with challenging relationships, you might say: “Why am I suffering? What am I doing that causes discomfort? Do i have to contend with this? What can I do better to experience more peace, love and happiness in life?” Then sink into silence and wait for answers to arise when the time is right, either from nature or from within.

In my journey, an eagle came into my presence when I had asked questions about a challenging relationship. It flew overhead without flapping its wings at all. I instantly felt its energy and message “Be free! Fly effortlessly with the winds of life! You are not tied to anyone or anything! Soar freely with grace and ease!” I felt so grateful and deeply blessed to have received this timely message which supported my evolution.

Sinking into a state of pure calmness stops all urgency, the need to battle, defend, or force anything at all. We can just to accept the ebb and flow of life and trust that everything will work out. Living the simply good life is indeed evident here as you can receive maximum benefits with minimal efforts. Grant self the gift of natural vitality and allow pure spirit to just ‘be’, every day and in every way. Envision your true nature gliding through life with peace and love for all living things!

Harmony in You and World!

Forgo regularly set vacations. Live in harmony with evolution of your true self and live fully in the moment instead. Choose only what invigorates you at heart level. If you have habitually been in an old pattern of repeatedly returning to same place in same season to experience sameness, expand your mind and nourish your body and soul to a higher level of spiritual wellness by choosing something that currently speaks to the depth of your soul! 

Live in the mystery and expand self by trying something totally different. You might choose to stay in your home sanctuary instead and find holy days in your own sacred environment. The world can be viewed and experienced in just the beauty of one gorgeous flower or seed that germinates, flourishing new growth at your feet. In these moments, you come to realize that you don’t need to go anywhere at all to experience the exquisiteness of the simply good life!

Another option would be to go on a road trip with no plans or expectations at all. Pack basic needs for journey and follow spirit desires moment by moment. You may drive straight, turn left or turn right in any given moment and end up following the direction of endless blue skies, rising sun, full moon, majestic mountains, peaceful valleys, spectacular beaches or abundant forests. Every adventure, no matter how long or far, no matter how short or close, is part of living the simply good life fully in the moment. Remember that the secret to overall wellness is all about the journey and not the destination!