Effervescent Spring!

A new season is in full bloom! Spectacular new life has sprung up everywhere! Blossoms cover the ground with abundant tulips and daffodils dancing gently together in the breeze. Blooms flourish overhead with ecstatic colours adorning branches against the magnificent blue sky. Flowering shrubs burst forth a bounty of exotic petals hiding all the foliage behind them. This awe inspiring contrast from the wintry months gone by is the wellspring of life!

Billions of birds have returned, singing their sweet melodies in the early morning hours. Some also sing at the end of day! Their captivating trills echo through the evening sky, calling in the love of their life! And sure as a new season comes, so too does their beloved partner! Trilling is indeed thrilling and heart fulfilling! In a nearby garden, insects buzz about gathering delicious nectar from flowers, scurrying ants crawl up from underground ready for a new season of work, and worms wiggle up through garden soil to explore all the new changes.

An abundance of new life increases with increasing warmth from more and more sun light. As days get longer, the sun’s powerful rays nourishes all on earth, including us humans! Like trees, plants, birds and insects, we too can come more alive in abundant ways. Allow your spirit to be deeply nourished by the sun and all living things around you. Spend lots of time in nature. Sit under a tree and lose yourself in the aroma of sun baked flowers! Breathe in the beauty. Breathe in life and then let the beauty become you!

background beautiful bloom blooming

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com




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