Our Flower Power!

Winter is still here and Spring is just around the corner. Although the evenings can be frosty and there is still some snow on the ground, days warm up quite nicely. The nights’ frozen hard soil gradually softens more and more with increasing daylight, welcoming an abundance of fresh new shoots as they emerge from the ground with a colorful array of buds from perennial favorites. Seemingly magnetized by the sun’s radiant energy, each burst forth growing taller and fuller each day until fully in bloom, resounding a magnificent chorus, singing vibrantly together: “We wanna’ be just like the sun! Beaming so strong, glowing as ONE! Lighting the earth, giving new birth!”

Then as night falls and an evening chill returns, the flowers become silent as their petals close like hands in prayer, protecting their delicate golden stamens within. Remaining like this for the rest of the night, they neither wilt nor wither but continue to thrive in their own naturally miraculous way. It is as if they quietly whisper to us in the early morning hours, “You too can be strong and beautiful like us. You can thrive naturally!”

When we open ourselves to receiving their message, we see the flowers mirroring the power of the sun. Every flower holds faith in each new day. They naturally return to a new cycle of growth and flourishing each spring, showing inherent resilience within. Even if the air is chilly and filled with drifting snow, even if the sky is dark and seemingly uncomfortable, the flowers show faith in their blossoming faces. They beam a ray of trust showing their ability to thrive!  We too can thrive just like spring flowers and blossom our inherent beauty to the world! Hold faith in your heart and become faith! Then boldly stand out from amongst others and radiate your true essence!


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