Three American robins swoop and soar, singing their chorus like a trio in grey suits and red shirts. Their song is vibrant and lively, feeling highly melodic and cheery in nature. “Cheerilleee, cheereewup, cheeriohhh! Cheep, cheep, cheep!” echoes through the air as they fly wildly together in verse, chasing a crow! The crow flies straight into a wall of tall golden cedar trees and instantly disappears into the foliage. Following right behind him are the three red robins, who abruptly swoop up and away at the face of the trees. Once the robins have disappeared, the crow bursts forth, flying smoothly and gracefully to a nearby giant evergreen tree. In flight, he caws ever so softly, fully aligned with his gentle flapping motion.

Live in the moment like this wise crow. With no more robins around, he instantly harbours a state of calm balance as if there was never any chaos. Caw softly like the crow. Be mindful about using a gentle tone alongside gentle actions. And choose a ‘good branch’ (aka: a safe place!) to land upon so you can get a good perspective for observing the world around you. Perch ‘up high’ in a quiet place to reflect and ponder all that is in the moment. Close your eyes. Breathe in the fresh life energy of the tree. Allow the tree’s wisdom to wash over you. Become the tree: strong, wise and stable! You are much more than you know!

low angle view of trees on forest

Photo by DSD on


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