Love Love Love!

It’s Valentines Day! Love is in the air. Outside a mini strip mall situated on a mountain plateau, streams of people scurry in and out of small shops, carrying bags of groceries, boxes of treats, bouquets of balloons and fresh cut flowers. Surrounding mountain vistas and evergreen trees lend to a quaint village atmosphere with heavenly qualities, as a white blanket of newly fallen snow covers the ground. Abundant love is evident everywhere you look!

Strong and tall evergreen trees graciously hold branch fulls of snowflakes drifted down from the heavens. Each branch lovingly protects all life below it. Small plants, furry squirrels and an enchanted couple thrive joyously under the trees. A young women stands face to face with her beloved while embracing a giant brown plush puppy dog, half her size! The gleam in her eyes and smile on his face tells all. The bouquet of fresh flowers in her arms speaks volumes: “We are beautiful!!!”

A nearby park provides exhilarating adventures for sleigh riders while the sun evokes warm smiles and gleeful laughter. The sky above shows puffy white clouds merging into one big cloud. And the visible blue sky presents the greatest present of all presents! The presence of eternity!  The vast and limitless nature of the sky mirrors love in miraculous ways.

Love is limitless. Love knows no bounds. Love is far reaching and available to all those who are open to giving and receiving it. Open your heart and mind to the beauty of love that is ever present. Maintain awareness each and every moment. Be grateful for all that you have. Then watch your life grow in surprisingly synchronistic ways! Love is THE CURE for all suffering and pain. Love is be all and end all. Love is the reason why we are here on this planet! Love yourself … unconditionally. Love others. Love the world … and the world will love you back!

red love garden plant

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