Say “Wow!” to Life

Cycling through the forest during damp Autumn days can be an interesting experience. Not only is the ground a haven for soft slippery mush but there are also many other surprises lurking about.  Colourful mushrooms of all shapes and sizes decorate the forest floor while tiny birds flit in and out of shrubbery and little animals scurry high and low on trees.

Riding along a wide path, I spot a black squirrel ahead of me sitting at the edge of the trail.  I wondered if it would suddenly bolt in front of me like they usually do when I am driving my car.  Just in case, I slowed down and sure enough, the squirrel darted in front of me, just  barely missing my front tire!  A woman walking towards me witnessed the entire event and shouted in surprise: “That squirrel just barely missed being hit!!”

I too marvelled at the outcome.  Life is sometimes a mystery. We cannot predict what lies ahead or the outcome.  The only thing we can do is be fully present in the moment and mindfully tread through the marshes of life.  What could have been a disastrous experience for both the squirrel and I became a wondrous moment to hold in awe.  Little miracles like this happen everyday and everywhere.  Stay open to seeing them and be prepared to say “Wow!!” to life!


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