Cookie Heaven!

The countdown is on.  Only 12 shopping days left until Christmas. A buzz of frenzy is apparent in every shopping plaza.  One young woman is on a mission. She needs to purchase 15 boxes of a specific brand of maple leaf cookies for family members overseas.

It is the middle of the day and she visits 4 different stores, clearing out inventory on 3 of the 4 stores’ shelves all in a very short time.  How did it work out so well?  Many factors contributed to this amazingly successful outcome.  One of the biggest factors was her ability to stay focused on the task without getting distracted by other things, such as the sight of mouth watering decadent chocolates, brightly coloured baubles and hordes of people shopping everywhere!  The next biggest factor was her enduring patience to overcome whatever happened, including parking lot mayhem.  And last but not least, quelling her negative doubting voice within was a large part of her success.  Shouts of “This is ridiculous!”  “I’m not waiting in this line-up!”  “I’m going home!”  “I give up!” echoed inside her, but the overwhelming love in her heart prevailed and as a result, magic unfolded!  She came away with not only 15 boxes, but also 4 boxes more and an immense feeling of joy and satisfaction.  The young woman was in pure cookie heaven!  And heaven was soon to board a plane to her tropical hometown 8,000 miles away.  Cookie heaven is indeed world wide!


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