David Helfgott is a gifted pianist with a remarkable story.  His life is brilliantly documented in the movie “Shine” which was filmed 20 years ago.  This emotionally captivating tribute begins in David’s childhood and journeys through his teen years where he was both adored and abused by his father. Despite threats of being disowned for the rest of his life by his father, David flees his family and place of birth to pursue his passion.

David travels from Melbourne. Australia to London, England to learn through an accomplished teacher at the Royal College of Music.  His studies culminate to a premier competition that leads to an unfolding of events like a grand roller coaster ride with unexpected twists and turns, and a most wondrous ending.  This end is only the ending of the movie though as David continues to thrive and perform for large audiences worldwide, breaking attendance records at world-class venues and enchanting thousands of people all over the globe.

David’s mental state, genuineness of character and gift of musical genius intertwined is an extraordinary example of the human spirits’ capacity to ‘shine’ despite setbacks in life.  Like a lotus flower that blossoms from mud, David Helfgott is a model of raw beauty from pure human spirit.

Life can be equated to a movie.  It is a story you create for yourself.  Whatever perspective you adopt becomes your reality.  You are the screenwriter while life is the director.  Release scripts with long drawn-out scenes where anger, fear, victimization, guilt and blame dominate. Focus on scripts that arouse unconditional love, joy, gratitude and effervescent humour in life.  Thus your legacy will be a most inspiring adventure for the world to cherish!


Movie: “Shine” (1996), Biography/Drama/Music, 1 hour 45 minutes.

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