Sailing with Life

Dark clouds loomed overhead as the skies poured life onto earth.  Millions of rain droplets dimpled the ocean surface, creating a highly textured layer around moored sail boats. The rain danced on the wooden dock, leaving a brilliant sheen reflecting day’s light.  And then the winds picked up and as they swept through the inlet, clouds parted to reveal pockets of brilliant blue sky.  The rain stopped and the storm was over in a very short time.

Watching weather is much like witnessing life.  Human experiences and the myriad of emotions are similar to changing weather patterns.  We can’t control them and when life washes over us like a strong rainstorm, all we really need to do is relinquish to the flow of changes.  As surely as blue skies return, peace ultimately awaits our discovery.  Stay open to each passing moment and when the clouds of life drift away, your boat is always there to  take you on your next adventure!  Simply steer the sails in the direction you wish to go!  8342ee4e717f0b34d87f4763fc7ec745


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