Heaven in a Hibsicus

A beautiful Hibiscus plant, with vibrant red-orange flowers measuring about 5″ in diameter fully opened, is my glorious new companion.  ‘She’ was gifted to me yesterday morning, quite by surprise.  I had not expected this and felt deeply grateful to the person who bestowed this majestic plant upon me.  What had I done?  Nothing out of the ordinary from my perspective.  Only what I love to do and that is to teach and create a safe place for people to share, learn and grow together.  It is true, kindness is contagious.  One kind deed can ‘indeed’ change the world.  Remember that although you may only be one person in this world, you may be the world to that person.

Unbeknownst to either of us, the hibiscus (pictured below) has many hidden messages which synchronistically tie into our lessons over the past month.  The flower itself is a sign of rebirth and youthfulness.  The blooms sometimes only last a day, reminding us to appreciate beauty in the moment.  Similarly, we all have the ability to create anew by tapping into our inner source of power for spiritual enlightenment.  To our delight, by the end of the session, a leaf that shielded a young bud had shifted away to allow the bud to open up to its own true magnificence! There is always so much more than what the eye beholds.  Heaven in a hibiscus is proof of that!




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