A Celebration of Life

Heaven touched earth early Sunday morning.  The sun shone brilliantly, flowers opened gracefully, and the sweet sounds of song birds echoed through the warm morning air.  Amidst this botanical garden, a celebration of life took place to honour a woman who had lived 98 years.

Mollie was born in 1917, the same year that John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Ferdinand Marcos and Raymond Burr were born.  Like these icons, Mollie lived a full and accomplished life.  She blazed her own trail, having survived childhood illness, the Great Depression and World War II.  Despite immense hurdles, she graduated university, earned the role of a grade school teacher and a sergeant during the war.  She became a wife, a bookkeeper, a crossword puzzle expert, a challenging scrabble partner and a master bridge player.  Within her family, she was a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  As her life evolved, she continually reinvented herself.  Mollie thrived throughout, revealing amazing artistic talents in the last few years which are now a part of her legacy.

Among the many friends and family who attended the celebration were her youngest sister, Ann.  At age 91, Ann is a bright elder and a sheer delight to converse with.  Also present was 103 year old Phyllis who was equally bright and delightful.  These remarkable women flowed seamlessly with the group.  They participated fully to the end, where everyone enjoyed a piece of celebration cake, honouring the sweetness Mollie had imparted on so many peoples’ lives.

Life can be immensely challenging at times and also wonderfully joyous.  It is important not to lose focus of the joys and sweetness life offers.  How sweet it was for everyone to come together to celebrate Mollie’s life!  Sweetness and delightful camaraderie are vital ingredients of a life well-lived!


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