Spring is in full bloom at Deer Lake.  Giant rhododendron trees the size of houses are covered with large balls of flowers.  A walk through the gardens reveals a collage of colours dotted over massive canvases of luscious green leaves.  The sheer sight of these giants is breathtakingly beautiful as their looming presence leaves you in awe.

Stepping closer, one can admire the beauty of a single flower.  From its early bud stage to full bloom, these magnificent flower clusters resemble families growing up together.  The bud can be likened to a swaddled baby and those in full bloom, adults revealing their gifts for the world to see!  Then there are those flowers that are starting to brown and wilt at their edges.  These are the elders, still lovely in their own unique way.

Japanese wisdom teaches that the wilting flower is the most beautiful and not the ones that are seemingly perfect in full coloured bloom.  This philosophy reminds us of the value of all stages in life.  Each is to be cherished and appreciated.  Even the entire ball of individual flowers is to be appreciated as they are the family we are born with.  This family ball is with us for our entire lifetime and each supports one another in ways that we may not always see or realize.  Step back and admire the beauty of the entire tree and you may see something you never noticed before!  Beauty is in the mind of the beholder!

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