Beach Bonfire

A giant bonfire lit up the beach.  The evening was crisp and clear as people of all ages gathered for the annual winter celebration.  City workers and volunteer firefighters oversaw the event, ensuring a safe and enjoyable evening for all.  This was a gloriously magical night, with flames shooting 10 feet and more into the night sky while a stream of decorated boats paraded by, their rainbow colours reflecting brilliantly upon the waters’ surface.  It was a feast for the senses with the spectacle of boats and blazing fire, sounds of crackling wood and pounding surf, scent of ocean air and taste of sweet hot chocolate!

The fire offered warmth while the ocean offered coolness, creating a dance of people moving back and forth from the fire to the shore and back to the fire again.  Standing too close to the fire risked overheating while standing too close to the waters’ edge risked chill.  Establishing the right balance was important, similar to everything else in life,  There is a time for closeness and connection, and a time for space and solitude.  Such is the dance of life.  Embrace life for all it has to offer and dance like there’s no tomorrow!  Cha, cha, cha!

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