The Wisdom of 9 Lives

“I’m going to Hawaii for a week,” states my friend.  “Can you watch Ella for me?”  “Sure” I respond.  Ella is a beautiful orange manx cat who is the queen of her roost.  She lives on the top floor of a condo with magnificent sweeping views.

Ella walks demurely around her home.  She holds a stately pose fitting for a queen and exudes this most of the time except for when she races wildly from room to room, as if chasing elusive prey.  Ella exudes both the grandeur of royalty and the simplicity of a fun-loving child.  She reminds us of some important life lessons, such as:

  • Take time to relax and be your natural self;
  • Let loose once in a while and have fun;
  • Eliminate the ‘hairballs’ of life (aka stressors);
  • Retreat regularly to your private sanctuary;
  • Spend quality time with those you love!

Ella and I bonded in our 7 days together.  She came to trust me and be fully relaxed with me.  We gazed into one another eyes and pondered the mystery of life together.  Nature reveals much wonder for humans.  I wonder what comes next in this wonderful gift of life!


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