One Step at a Time

Two sisters walk quietly alongside one another on a deserted section of a shopping mall. The tiles beneath their feet are uneven and just as the younger woman senses this, the older one voices her dislike of them.  Although the two have been estranged for most of their lives, this moment seemingly dissolves years of disconnect.

The elder sister is now an octogenarian while the younger one is more than two decades behind.  Although intergenerational differences and family conflict created a great divide, the two sisters are now united, walking together, occasionally bumping into one another with spurts of laughter.  No one could ever have predicted these precious moments.  One step at a time, the two sisters walked together into the future.

Life reveals itself one step at a time.  We all have the choice of stepping out from the past and into the present moment.  Open yourself to the gifts each new moment brings.  Take one step forward, skip a little skip then click your heels as you create magical moments in your life!

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