Restorative Rituals

Winter is fast approaching. The leaves have changed colour and fallen to the ground. The air has grown cold and become frosty at night. Darkness comes before dinnertime now as we gradually adapt to the seasonal changes. Even mother nature’s creatures must adapt to these changes.

The raccoons and crows have turned to winter foraging for survival. Every morning, I open my blinds anticipating their visit.  I know they have been here when my front lawn resembles a churned up ocean.  The crows scatter chunks of sod helter-skelter while the raccoons overturn large sections of turf, sometimes creating perfect jellyrolls.  I was once a fan of jelly rolls but not so much these days.  I am intrigued by the ingenuity of these creatures but disheartened by their destruction.

We all share this planet together.  Whether masked and furry, dressed in black and feathered, or human, we must cohabit in harmony as much as possible.  The cycles of nature reveals immense lessons for us to learn from, every moment of every day.  I asked myself how I might honour nature while honouring myself at the same time.  The result is a restorative ritual.

I begin by putting on my garden boots and embarking on a restorative dance.  I methodically stomp pieces of grass back in place, one by one, while chanting “All is well.”  My neighbours have other strategies.  One has erected a glaring owl in the center of destruction, another has laid wired fencing over ravaged areas, while still another has planted colourful pinwheels throughout.  These have become common lawn decorations for the winter season.  Soon they will be accompanied by giant nylon snowmen, luminous deer and the echo of Ho, Ho, Ho ringing through the air.  And the cycles continue.

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