Gourd Friendships

There is a group of four young women whose birthdays all fall in September.  They regularly get together to share fun and camaraderie.  On the last get-together, two were not able to make it.  As a result, two peculiar looking gourds took their place.  One was round with many short legs and the other was oval with a long curly stem.  Each had two eyes which had been drawn on paper, cut into circles and attached with sticky tape.

Although the gourds were only playful representations of the two absent women, creative imagination and technology allowed this foursome to stay connected without missing a beat.  Using their smart phones, conversations and laughter transpired with the spontaneous sharing of photographs and text messages.  The foursome wined, dined, and enjoyed one another’s company as they always had.  A photograph of the two gourds sitting comfortably at the edge of a hot tub while the other two lounged comfortably within was testament of their strong friendships.

This is the month of Thanksgiving.  These creative young women brilliantly shared their joy and appreciation for one another in a unique and fun way.  They stay connected and fortified their bonds into the future.  Friendships are a gift not to be taken for granted.  Show appreciation to those you care for.  Love and laugh often.  What you give to others will be returned to you in ways you cannot perceive!

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