No Limits

It was  midnight when I was awakened by rustling sounds outside my open bedroom window.  I immediately thought it was a racoon but the heavy breathing suggested otherwise.  I peered out to see a very large black animal lumbering down my garden steps.  It appeared massive as it crossed below me and emitted a distinct odour from the wild.  I shivered at the sight of him and felt immensely grateful that I was safe, two stories above.

Mr. Bear was on a mission, foraging for food no doubt.  Finding none in my back yard, he attempted to climb over my fence to continue his quest.  His immense size made it difficult for him to scramble over.  Instead of gaining altitude, he pulled my fence back and forth until it began to wobble like an ever-expanding rubber band.  Of course, this didn’t last long.  It was just a matter of time before this once solid structure came crashing down.  I’m sure I heard him grunt “Onward Ho!” in a very deep voice as he trampled onwards into my neighbour’s yard.  No fence was going to stop him from getting to his next meal.

The fence was merely a hindrance for him, just another obstacle in his day.  He perceived no limits with what I perceived as a solid barrier.  How many times in life have you held limiting beliefs, seeing no way out of a predicament.  Mr. Bear shows us that when there is a will, there is a way.  What may seem impossible may indeed be possible, if we open our mind to it.  Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Let go of what you do know and imagine the possibilities.  Just like Mr. Bear, you will get your cake and eat it too!

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