A Symphony of the Mind

Imagine an orchestra playing a  magnificent symphony.  Imagine this orchestra being your brain!  You may have heard that we have a left brain and a right brain.  Each allows us to think in different ways.  The left brain supports linear thinking and logic while the right brain supports abstract thinking and infinite possibilities.  Both offer a significant piece to the grand symphony of our mind!

Recently, a sculptural artist approached me and asked how he could explore the depths of his creativity without losing himself to his project.  After hours of creating, he shared that he sometimes feels dazed and unsure how to transition back to reality.  Too much abstract thinking can transport a person to another realm without realizing it.  How can one stay grounded while delving deeply into the wells of creativity?  The answer is through mindfulness.

Mindfulness brings awareness to the realities of the current moment.  As an artist accesses the depths of their right brain, they also need to maintain connection with their left brain.  Being human involves physical limitations as our body signals fatigue and the need for rest.  Conversely, being creative involves no limitations and requires left brain thinking for continued wellness, especially during creative spurts.  A symphony of the mind occurs when both right and left brain work together to yield a “mind-blowing” performance like no other.  No pun intended!

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