Awe is a state of wonder.  Awe can happen anywhere, at any place and any time.  Awe makes you stop in your tracks and ponder the oddness of a particular situation.  That was where I was when I last visited my dentist for a regular check-up.

“Open your mouth wide” said the hygienist.  “Awwww!” I said in response as she stuck a plastic plate into the side of my mouth to prepare for an x-ray.  Sally stepped out of the room so as not to be harmed by the radioactive waves.  She had placed what felt like a 50 pound shield upon me to protect my body, but “What about my brain” I pondered.   What protects the area above my teeth that houses my intellect?  I was awe-struck, pondering this odd predicament.  Why are my wits not protected?  Why didn’t she give me a 50 pound helmet to armour my wits?  After all, it is the all-important organ that is my CPU.  That’s computer language for computer processing unit.  It controls all of my body’s actions and thoughts.  Confusion replaces awe.

Awe returns as I look towards the ceiling, where a television has been mounted.  If I were an alien visiting from another planet, I would be in awe of where human’s place tv’s.  So there I was, lounging in a recliner with 50 pounds of armour on top of me while radioactive waves zipped through my head.  Lo and behold, another moment of awe struck me as I watched the screen above me.  A new baby was born.  Ahhh!  The gangly red being howled with flailing limbs as the doctor cut the umbilical cord, the thread of old life severed to begin anew as a completely separate being.

With every end there is a beginning.  Every moment holds an opportunity to start afresh.  What will it be for you?  Hold awe in the world and be open to what comes.  Insight awaits you, even as you sit idly in a dentist chair.  Ahhh!

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