Extra Ordinary!

Spring has sprung in my neighbourhood!  Crocuses, daffodils and numerous tree buds have made their debut, boldly showing their bright coloured heads as if to announce the arrival of the new season.

A cascade of colors erupts from my garden to meet the warm afternoon sun.  Inch by inch, the plants grow taller and larger, revealing a vibrant display.  Bold yellows contrast deep purples amidst a luscious carpet of greens.  The rains from prior days have nourished their magnificence.

On one particular morning, I spied jewels upon the leaves and tips of tree branches.  Perfectly formed little globes shone like gems of untold brilliance, reflecting the beauty of the world around them.  Dew drops glistening in the sun are one of my favorite treasures on early morning walks.

Yesterday afternoon, I spied a solid little white clump landing on my freshly laid soil.  I looked upwards to the sky and saw nothing, feeling thankful I was not targeted!  Moments later, hundreds and thousands more came rushing down, creating a spectacular speckled spectacle!  Apparently, Mother Nature was not ready to bid farewell to winter as she showered us with this winter sprinkling.  Just as suddenly as the hail storm arrived, so too did the wind and rain, eventually giving way to blue skies and warm sunshine before days end.  Phew!!!

IMG_0509 - Version 2

This is the extra in the ordinary.  Look closer, stay a little longer, observe with world around you with new eyes and curiosity.  Maintain a sense of awe and never cease to be amazed by the most minute wonders around you.

Surprises await you when you stop and pay attention.  Utilize all of your senses in the coming weeks and observe, listen, touch, feel and smell the many joys that come from changing seasons.  Although, change forces us to say goodbye to the past, there is nothing stopping us from heralding in the new with a fresh sense of awe and wonder.  Delight awaits you as you discover the extraordinary!

“Wisdom begins in wonder.”  – Socrates

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