Magic at Dusk

Magic happens before dark settles.  The changing light in the sky creates a show like no other.  On one particular evening of a blustery day, the clouds scattered sporadically across the sky amongst breaks of blue and bright, giving way to a glowing pink horizon. The tall evergreens provided sharp contrast against this dramatic backdrop.  Moment by moment, the changing sky revealed a glorious show of changing colors and patterns to behold.

At ground level, the trees and spring blossoms took on a different appearance against the darkening sky.  Standing below a tree and looking upwards, I noticed what looked like neon green lights on the tips of some branches.  At first glance, it looked like fibre-optic lighting but it wasn’t possible considering their breadth and positioning.  I puzzled over the source of these lights and scanned the environment.  Across the way, I spied a dapple of the same green on the leaves of a tall bush spilling over a fence.  I figured they must somehow be reflected from their original source, wherever that may be.

Life is a puzzle at times.  Problem solving through rational thought sometimes yields answers with conscious determination and deep searching.  The great thinkers before us applied this very process when they made scientific discoveries and invented modern conveniences we enjoy today.

There is a wealth of discovery awaiting you in our world.  Use mother nature as a launching point to sharpen your problem solving skills.  Grab your magnifying glasses and put on your critical thinking cap to uncover mysteries around you.  Who knows what you may discover!  Maria Ann Smith founded the Granny Smith apple at the age of 71 while experimenting with seedlings. What will you discover?

By the way, the source of the mysterious green light was from a motion sensor mounted high atop a second story window!

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