Adventures with Orange

Have you ever stood on the sidelines, watching an incredulous unfolding of events?  It may only be a few seconds long but it takes your breath away and leaves you awestruck in wonder.  This is what happened when I decided to have orange juice one morning.

The orange juice was in my friend’s refrigerator.  It had been sitting there for some time as the contents had separated and settled.  I decided that it needed a good shaking, so I rhythmically turned it end over end like a skilled bartender.  Let me tell you that shaking up orange juice in a pop top container is not a good idea!

What ensued was an explosion of Orange!  I stood dumbfounded as I watch orange juice spray a wide swath that covered walls, ceiling, floor, sofa, table, chairs, counter, wall art, IPad, and books.  Miraculously, there was not a drop of Orange on me!

The only thing I could do was laugh . . . and clean up the mess!  Life is just like that sometimes.  All you can do is respond.  Respond in a way that serves you well and involves no harm to yourself or others.  Orange happens and we deal with it.  The next time I have Orange juice, I will think twice before shaking it up!  Thankfully the only orange that remains are those on Ella, the Manx cat.


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