92-Year-Old Pie

Pies are like people.  Each are unique in some special way.  They may be pale or golden, short or tall, dense or airy.  Some are deep, some are shallow but most are somewhere in between.

What differentiates pies, like people, is the filling.  The ‘insides’ reveal the heart and essence of pies.  Whether sweet or rich, wholesome or decadent, pies are food for the soul!

People crave pies.  The mere thought of one can make eyes twinkle, hearts flutter and mouths salivate.  Ahhh, pies . . . glorious pies!!!  What is your favorite pie?

I recently enjoyed the mother of all pies.  Actually it was the great-grandmother of all pies . . . a 92-year-old pie!  Although the pie was not really 92 years old, the woman who made it was.  She made a traditional French tourtiere; a meat pie filled with finely minced pork and a special blend of spices.  She made it entirely from scratch, with love, just as her mother would have made it.  I am sure her mother would be 130 years old if she were still alive today.

The crust was tender and golden, the filling smooth and hearty.  It’s velvety texture melted in my mouth, enlivened my taste buds and propelled my hand to reach for another forkful, without a single thought.

My friend tells me that no two people make tourtiere the same.  To prove this, she served a second slice of pie that was prepared by another elder in her community.  She was right.  The texture, flavor and experience was totally different.  I prefer my friend’s pie, the 92-year-old pie.

I begin the New Year with deep gratitude for mothers and pies; for friendships and gifts from ancestors long past.  Our cultural heritage and traditions are significant pieces of who we are today.  Although I am not French or a devout Catholic (as my 92-year-old friend is), our differences unite us in a beautiful way.  We come together to celebrate heritage, history, food and love for all things greater than ourselves.  Globalization and multicultural societies offer immense richness for us to explore and enjoy.  Let us all unite and enjoy a slice of pie together!

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