Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho!

It’s funny how “Ha ha ha” brings visions of humour and “Ho ho ho” brings visions of a jolly pot-bellied man dressed in red, as if only pot-bellied men could produce the deep resonating sounds of long ‘ohs’.  We all know that isn’t true since we witness it every time we pass by a Yoga class.  The walls reverberate with this sound as scores of pretzelled people, of all body shapes and sizes, sit cross-legged in elf-tights on the floor (where did all the furniture go??!), chanting ‘Ohmmm.mmm.mmmm’ in unison.  The sheer sound of this brings tingles to my skin as I walk by.

IMG_0072Whether tingles or tickles, humour is no farther than the tip of your nose!  That’s right!  A recent walk around my neighbourhood confirmed this as I found Santa’s in a variety of precarious situations and wild animals cavorting on front lawns.  No more than two blocks from my home, I stumble across Santa hanging haphazardly from a roof and then another few blocks further, I spy a totally defeated Santa laying face down and spread eagle across a lawn.  Did I say defeated?  I meant to say deflated, totally deflated!  Next to him was a very smug looking Snoopy, all aglow and grinning ear to ear as if he had outsmarted Santa somehow.  It seems that shenanigans are alive and well in my neighbourhood whilst we humans slumber the night away!  Another few houses further, I happened to spot reindeer co-mingling with garden pigs.  Can you believe it??! The pigs were rolling happily in the mud while the reindeer looked on with great amusement.  The baby reindeer seemed particularly amused as they nodded their heads in laughter and not at all interested in joining them.  Rather they looked quite content grazing on clumps of frozen grass!  On my way back home, I spotted a license plate that summed it all up very well:


Humour and laughter are only a thought away.  Focus on what you want to bring into your life and as sure as the sun rises every morning, it will magically appear!  Find humour in your surroundings this holiday season and you will surely have laughter in your day!  Visions of sugar plums dancing will magically appear in your dreams as merry little mischief-making elves prepare to sprinkle your tomorrows with humour and laughter!  Ha Ha Ha!  Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

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