The Silver Laptop

Laptop computers come in all colors.  Mine was silver, with a little partially eaten apple decorating its lid.  It was a sleek little computer that performed beautifully and dazzled all of its onlookers, including I.

Last week, my little computer was stolen from my vehicle while I was visiting the Japanese Gardens in Portland, Oregon.  Nothing could have prepared me for the shock I felt when I discovered shattered glass all over the passenger side of my vehicle.  Nothing could have prepared me for the great dismay I felt when I realized that both of my backpacks were missing.  It was like I was thrown into a downward spiral of emotions, sinking deeper by the second.  The irony of the story is that this unfortunate event capped off a magical morning in a place of serenity and exquisite beauty.

Misfortune happens when we least expect it.  It can take our breath away and leave us dazed and confused.  Sometimes, we cannot make sense of what happens in life or control outcomes but we can always control our responses.  Once I overcame the initial upset, I chose peace over anger.  I chose to carry on with my holiday as planned and not end it early.  I mindfully chose to give no power to this unfortunate event or the perpetrators.

Ten days have now passed and I remain hopeful that my computer will be returned to me.  I hope that a good samaritan will turn in my belongings and that Portland’s police system will come through for me.  I hope for a joyful and positive end to this story.

This experience reminds me of how unpredictable life can be.  Sometimes, life presents you with a glorious golden cow and other times, it takes your silver laptop.  Sometimes life is wonderful and other times, it is quite unbearable.  Through challenging times, faith is needed to help carry us through.  Having faith allows us to relax and believe that better days are ahead.  I believe in the power of positive karma and that some good will come of this.  I wait with both eyes wide open.

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