The Silver Laptop, Part 2

One month has passed since my silver laptop was stolen and I still remain hopeful for its return.  I was vacationing in Portland, Oregon, on my first solo journey when vandals broke into my vehicle and took several items including my laptop.  Although the incident was very disheartening, I have come to realize many positives for which I am grateful.        

Of these, I am most grateful that I was not harmed.  I am also grateful for the love and support I received from family and friends back home.  They, along with the many kind people who assisted me through the initial hours, helped me to turn a very distressing experience into one that was less overwhelming and more managable. I was very pleased that I was able to continue my vacation despite this setback.      

Other positives I am grateful for, include the fact that I still had my vehicle and all the necessary resources to continue on with my vacation plans.  I was determined not to give any power to this unfortunate incident and as a result, the following 4 days were immensely restorative.  Reconnecting with nature in dense rain forests and natural beaches became the greatest highlights of my vacation.     

Looking back, I am reminded of the importance of being prepared and having back-up plans, especially when travelling alone.  This includes having back-up people as well as knowing emergency routines.  Familiarize yourself with all the essentials in case of emergency so that you are prepared should misfortune cross your path.    

One final lesson is derived from creative problem solving.  Since I lost most of my clothes and backpack that held them, I improvised using a simple container for carrying the remainder of my belongings.  I discovered that Rubbermaid and Samsonite are virtually interchangable for road trips.  They are equally durable and convenient, with Rubbermaid being much more cost effective and waterproof to boot!

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