The Golden Cow

I know cows are not gold, but this one was.  In fact, it was gold with silver splotches.  I received it as an award last week and it was the result of serendipity, an unexpected surprise that grew from a delightful discovery.  Let me explain.

I was at the Vancouver Public Library when I happened to notice a flyer promoting a Toastmaster meeting for Positive Thinkers.  As someone who embraces positive thinking, it was like an invitation home for me.  I envisioned a group of joyful people with whom I felt very comfortable with.  The meeting was scheduled in 4 days time and I committed myself to attending.

I arrived early and was warmly greeted with smiles, engaging introductions and an overall briefing of the process and evening’s agenda.  A total of 12 cheery people were in attendance and the session lasted two hours, with one short celebratory break to honour a members’ birthday.  (Somehow, cakes and meetings seem to go very well together just like strawberries and whip cream!)  The meeting was full and eventful with a trail of speakers heading to the front like a train of busy worker  ants.  The timetable was tight and tasks were many.  Midway through the second half, an exercise called Table Topics was introduced where people were asked to speak on a topic unknown to them and created by the Table Topic leader.  It just so happened that the theme for the evening was philosophy which is one of my favourite subjects, so I decided to take a chance and volunteer myself for the challenge.

Coincidentally, the topic I drew out of the bag was one that I recently wrote about in my Mind Master Training blog.  “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover” was easy for me to discuss and I effortlessly filled the two minutes with a string of thoughts about reserving judgement with people and remaining open.  Much to my surprise, I was voted the best Table Topic speaker among 8 others and this was where the delightful surprise came in!  I was presented a bright green ribbon and trophy for being the “Best Impromptu Speaker” of the evening.  The golden cow was my prize for the duration and it was quite obvious that the silver splotches were the result of all the loving strokes it received from prior recipients!

I am tickled by the outcome and glad that I followed my instincts in choosing to attend the meeting and take on the challenge of Table Topics.  I had no idea that I would be speaking or awarded anything that evening, which brings me to conclude this lesson in life.  Act on those things that inspire you and trust that good will come from it.  Embrace new experience with an open mind, prepare yourself for surprises and take risks occasionally to discover more in life.  Who knows, maybe there is a golden cow waiting just for you!  Now doesn’t that moove you?!  Embrace yourself for an an udder adventure!

4 thoughts on “The Golden Cow

  1. Dear Wise Sister Fay;
    This was a great Blog…I found myself smiling while reading it! Congratulations on being awarded “‘The Golden Cow” for most Impromptu Speaker! I have never been able to “speak”in a Public Forum or Group Discussion,since it is an absolutely terrifying thought for me!…Kudos to you!
    Your writing always gives me something to think about!
    Thanks! Marianne.

    • Thank you Marianne! We all have inherent talents that reveal themselves later in life. It is astounding though when you literally surprise yourself. A healthy dose of fun and surprises is mandatory in life to balance life’s others experiences!

  2. Hi Fay, Debbie from Positive Thinkers Toastmasters here. Loved reading this and some earlier blog entries! It was amusing, well written and also featured two of my favourite things in the world: Toastmasters and my home club Positive Thinkers Toastmasters. We all really enjoyed your visit and your “Best Table Topic” trophy was well earned. I am always impressed when a guest accepts the challenge of participating in table topics and was blown away by the apparent ease and confidence you showed while filling the two minute speaking challenge/opportunity.

    • Hi Debbie: Thank you for your comments and supportive feedback. Unbeknownst to you, I wrestled with some self-doubt before rising to the challenge of Table Topics. As fate had it, everything I needed to succeed in that moment seemed to appear like magic! Just as you had discussed fate and whether we have any control over it, life sometimes reveals the answer in surprising ways! I am astounded by the continual flow of positive energy from the Toastmaster’s Positive Thinkers and would not hesitate to recommend your group to anyone! Cheers to everyone for all the nourishing benefits you offer!

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