Anything Goes! Part 2

In my last post, I pondered the many ways a single person could find a sweetheart.  Amongst them, I discussed on-line dating sites that offer a selection based on specific preferences.  Since we are still in the month of love and hearts, I am continuing on with that theme, pondering further the various approaches one could take to narrow down their options.  Even if you are happily coupled, you may find this amusing to read if only for the entertainment value.

Finding the perfect match is a little like going on a safari hunt.  Imagine yourself in an African jungle.  What animal would you likely mimic to reach your prey?  Would it be a giraffe, cheetah, or an elephant?  Depending on your nature, you might want to take the lofty vantage of a giraffe and survey the medley of choices from afar, before casting your looming shadow overtop it.  Or perhaps you prefer to be low down and sneaky like a cheetah and lurk invisibly out of sight before pouncing upon your target!  But if ambling or pouncing are not your style, perhaps the subtler and more direct approach of a playful young elephant appeals more to you. Maybe you will act a little flirtatious and sashay up to your target, flash your big wide elephant grin as you flutter your left ear casually, wave your nose nonchalantly to the right and then coyly introduce yourself:  “Hello, my name is Elly …  Elly Gant!”

Another strategy you might want to employ is arming yourself with some sort of sighting apparatus.  Would you choose a tiny monocular that you could discreetly hide in your vest pocket, or a full-blown telescope on wheels to zoom in on the particular features you fancy?  Perhaps you would employ none of the above and mimic no animal at all.  Perhaps you would prefer to remain as human-like as possible and swing in on a vine, scoop up your prize by surprise, and triumphantly swing back out with a call that echoes your victory!  Anything goes!

The methods for landing a catch are truly limitless and whether one chooses to rely on their instincts, apply thoughtful strategy or a bit of both, adventure is sure to unfold.  If the notion of safari hunting and cyber-dating still frightens you, perhaps you just might want to stick to more simple choices like milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolate … chocolates with nuts or ooey-gooey creams that ooze sweetness with every bite.  Indulge in your senses this month and revel in all the gifts that heart brings!

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