Anything Goes! Part 3

Love is a human conquest.  In my last post, I wrote about the bewildering array of choices for finding love, whether it is of the human kind or cocoa infused kind.  Although selecting chocolate is a simpler process, it is not as enduring as relationships are.  Obtaining love through on-line dating and cyberspace offers all the potential for excitement that a real mission in outer space offers.

Once the galaxies have brought forth a potential suitor, deciphering messages through Internet visuals and wording becomes the next challenge.  If the stars align, phone calls and meeting places, skyping, hyping and lots more typing come into play!  One’s life could potentially be turned into a gripping novel with page-by-page suspense unraveling each unknown.  Intrigue and mystery draws you away from the earthly plane.

The first meeting can be heavenly.  One might feel like they are actually levitating, defying gravity, and floating in space.  Your head may feel light; your thinking may be foggy and you may gasp for more oxygen.  You might even see stars even though it is the middle of the day.  Just as if you had ingested an intoxicating drug, bliss and weightlessness may overcome you.  But if the mission feels far from heavenly and more ‘appaul-ing’ than like a real ‘Apollo’ mission, bail out!  Hitch a ride back to mother earth as quick as you can and head back to the drawing board!

Life is a mission and the journey can be just as riveting as the destination.  Ensure you have enough oxygen to endure the ride.  Remember to breathe deep when the ride becomes too exhilarating.  Relax and catch your breath when needed.  The quest for love is an on-going journey and even when we have it, it is a continual process where we must work to maintain the life and energy of it.  Whether you are partnered or not, love is abound in this world.  We need to look no further than ourselves to find it.  Indulge in yourself today by doing something that you love!

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