Anything Goes!

February is the month of love.  Valentines and red hearts, chocolate hearts, sweethearts, and lonely hearts.  Heart smart food, heart health, heart-to-heart talks, and hearty laughter.  There are ads galore featuring the heart this month and you don’t have to look far to find something related to it.  Love is in the air!

For those who are in the lonely hearts club and looking for a partner, the options are truly bewildering.  Even if you are happily coupled, it is an interesting phenomenon to consider.  Dating these days has evolved to a science and big business where people put their hearts on the table for prospectors and anything goes!

Our beloved little Cupid, whose arrow is always poised for action, has been replaced by plenty of fish and the likes.  Specialized dating sites have become the norm today with a myriad of options for finding someone compatible based on preferences.  You can search for environmentalists, vegetarians, pet lovers, right-winged, left-winged and no-winged people!  You can search for seniors, single parents, bookworms, outdoor enthusiasts, cougars, geeks and redheads.  There are dating clubs and services offering outdoor adventures and indoor adventures.  You can speed date or text date, on a chairlift or in a pub.   You can lunch together or have drinks together!  The choice is yours!  It is the grand smorgasbord for adventure and anything goes!

The options are simply astounding.  Pay if you wish but it’s free to fish!  (Plenty of Fish is a free on-line dating website).   You can meet a potential mate in cyberspace, outer space, a coffee place, outdoor race or indoor race.  Speed date, put out your bait, hook a mate, see how they rate, test your fate, but don’t wait – otherwise you’ll be, just another sitting duck, waiting for good luck!

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