Don’t Panic!

Sometimes things seem worse than they really are.  This is often the case when we jump to conclusions without adequate information or research.  We might hit the panic button prematurely and bring unnecessary worry to ourselves.  That is exactly what happened when others experienced the ‘holy scale’ I wrote about in my last post.

The ‘holy scale’ is a device used by fitness studios to measure the ratio of muscle, fat, bone and water in your body.  I humorously dubbed it the ‘holy scale’ for two reasons.  One, because of its ability to reveal what is not visible to the naked eye; and two, the fact that you are required to bare your sole(s) before using it.  The resulting figures are used as benchmarks for creating personalized fitness plans to improve health and fitness levels.  I was intrigued by the machine’s capabilities and how it worked.  Fortunately, there were no concerns for me but obviously that is not the case for everyone.

I considered the potential array of outcomes including worse case scenarios.  Putting myself in that position helped me to quickly understand how easy it is to hit the panic button.  I figured that in order to maintain my senses and ease my fears, I would need to ask a lot of questions and put the situation into perspective.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, tap into as many trustworthy sources as possible.  Put on your detective hat and seize your high-powered magnifying glass to uncover enough facts and details to satisfy your curiosity.  Talk to professionals and read unbiased articles from trusted sources.  Once you have sufficient information, you can then decide if you need to take any further action.  By following this process, you will cope better with the initial shock and be wiser for it.  In short, you will save yourself a lot of sleepless nights and have more time and energy for things you really enjoy!  Now, doesn’t that sound appealing?

Life itself provides enough stress without creating more.  Maintain a lighthearted approach to life, take everything in stride and laugh whenever you can.   Above all, keep smiling and the world will smile back at you!

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