Love YOUR LOVE forever more!

Gift self love from awakened heart. Allow yourself to simply be in every moment with unconditional acceptance. Envision your ‘being’ like the most beautiful tree you love and have admired for a very long time. Through out each and every passing moment and changing season, you continuously marvel over its natural beauty and liveliness, its uniqueness and ever-changing shape from on-going growth.

Know deep within yourself that you are also continuously growing and evolving through each and every passing moment and seasons of change. Your growth brings you to higher levels of awareness and consciousness, supporting your evolution to become one with the tree, sun, moon and stars. Always know that love will be ever present as long as you carry energy of unconditional love within self. Be generous and give to yourself just as much as you enjoy giving to others. Simply be your own natural beauty that the tree mirrors back to you!

Blossoming cherry sakura tree on a green field with a blue sky and clouds.

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