Rebirth with the Earth!

Living the simply good life is all about living with love in body. Be one with earth as the free air it generously gives you is also what you can generously give back to self and world. With every breath of fresh air you take in, move peacefully and mindfully through all body parts, from head down to neck, to shoulders then arms, chest to back, then down to buttocks and genitals, thighs to calves and ankles and finally feet. Feel you being fully grounded with the earth and observing your rebirth in the moment with Mother Earth!

Carry loving kindness and blessings with tenderness, ease and happiness as you flow through each and every part of your body. You may also say in silence with softness: “I love you and care for you.” I cherish you and honour you for all you give me.” “May you be happy. May you be at ease. May you be strong. May you relax.” In every passing moment, say whatever rises within that soothes and nourishes the depths of your being.

Honour and love your body everyday! Set intentions to walk forth in life with tenderness and kindness, generosity and graceful gratitude. More ease will certainly be the new reality as you live the simply good life aligned with body and earth!

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