Flow with Faith, Family and Friends!

When you’re Living the Simply Good Life with family and friends, flow with ease when dark energies arise. Live with an open heart as this is a vital part of wellness on human journey forth. Simply observe each and every step of the way and stay connected to your heart, to continually elevate consciousness to a new higher level of joy, peace and love!

In family gatherings and celebrations with others, notice any dark energies others carry and simply BE a model for peace, love, kindness and compassion. Witness the flow of energies around you and accept everything and everyone with a full open heart. There is no need to fix anything or anyone in the moment, even if others are continuously struggling with worries, fear and anger. Just wait until the time is right and you are ready to contribute to more positive vibrations in group dynamics. Share your wisdom and valuable insights that naturally arise within. Bring forth your open heart with loving kindness, grace, generosity and deep gratitude within.

The more you give in life, the more you will receive! Make sure you only give when you are ready as giving too soon when ripples of negativity arise can deflate your capacity to succeed, bringing fatigue and sadness. Remember the perils of life always bring important lessons for all of us to learn from. Releasing it is the portal to peace, joy, bliss and ecstasy. Here, the grace of living simply good life with family and friends will be your new reality!

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