Yum Yum!! Yum, Yumm, YUMMM!!! In making the simply good life your new reality, treat self every day with gift of what ‘tastes’ really awesome, what uplifts you and brings more joy in surprising experiences blossoming forth in life!

In walking this path, let go, let GO, LET’S GO!!! Let go material thinking mind and go with freedom of spirit. Synchronize your energy with birds that fly effortlessly under vast open skies. No need to strain self, flap wings or work towards things but just soar with lightness and expansive mind, free from linear, rational thinking derived from ego and entanglement with externals. Simply BE in every passing moment and BE the ‘yum’ from depth of heart desires!

This is much more than food and also from a level beyond typical 5 senses including scents, taste, visible, touchable and audible. It comes from the 6th sense, where intuition and unknowns arise at the right time and right place. This is where brink of light and energy vibrations truly resonates with your own true nature, bringing you home to an auspicious place of oneness with all of life. The simply good life is not just about the destination but the journey where you will reach the pinnacle of your ultimate success!

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