Happy Holy-day!

Celebrate this holiday season with your pure spirit and playful child-like energy within! Be aware of past traditions that influenced you significantly in your early years and particular experiences that no longer inspire or serve you well anymore. Having been raised with social, cultural and/or religious conditioning, observe habits you have lived with for a long time and what changes you would like to happen from here-on-in. Memories from past reveal all the external influences that created needs and expectations from others and yourself, which can certainly build great challenges over the years.

In living the simply good life, live fully in the moment with an open heart and shift by choosing better and expressing deeper desires when time is right. Begin this process by opening your mind to a place of greater awareness and allowing peace, calmness and unconditional love for self and others to surface as you allow mental clutter, old thought patterns, theories and habits to dissolve as naturally as they floated into your mind. Then ask yourself: “What would I really like to do this Christmas?” “What would I really like to experience for new year?” “What am I willing to commit to from this day forward?” Grab a pen and paper and journal stream of consciousness answers in the moment to ignite valuable insights and greater clarity. Then create a plan to take action and be your very own best friend!

It is common for all humans to have significant influences from external sources. Embracing a new level of awareness on what serves you best now is essential as it is not only empowering but also a profound portal for transformation and evolution of being. Take responsibility for yourself and child within, speak your truths when time is right and allow harmony between mind, body, and heart to surface. This is vital in order to model and elevate essence of love, light, peace and joy on planet!

Wishing you and your loved ones Happy Holy-days and a wonderful start to new year!

A DSLR photo of hands making a heart shape with the sun with beautiful sunbeams inside. Blue sky background. Space for copy.

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