Slow down!

If you find yourself feeling more and more tired as you continually engage in the external world, whether you are listening to media, working on technology or talking excessively with others, STOP! Slow down! Focus on breathing and breathe slower, more deeply until your mind and body are in a place of peace and harmony. Then gift yourself some time off, either a full day or several days in a place that nourishes you deeply.

You might choose to spend time in nature and align with the calming energy of your favorite tree, soothing ocean waters, or a pristine lake. Ground self more and more in every passing moment and while you are doing this, listen to voice within. Observe any images that might arise as well and emotions that surface along the way. If any questions arise, express them loud and clear to the world and wait to see what happens.

For instance, if you have experienced confusion with challenging relationships, you might say: “Why am I suffering? What am I doing that causes discomfort? Do i have to contend with this? What can I do better to experience more peace, love and happiness in life?” Then sink into silence and wait for answers to arise when the time is right, either from nature or from within.

In my journey, an eagle came into my presence when I had asked questions about a challenging relationship. It flew overhead without flapping its wings at all. I instantly felt its energy and message “Be free! Fly effortlessly with the winds of life! You are not tied to anyone or anything! Soar freely with grace and ease!” I felt so grateful and deeply blessed to have received this timely message which supported my evolution.

Sinking into a state of pure calmness stops all urgency, the need to battle, defend, or force anything at all. We can just to accept the ebb and flow of life and trust that everything will work out. Living the simply good life is indeed evident here as you can receive maximum benefits with minimal efforts. Grant self the gift of natural vitality and allow pure spirit to just ‘be’, every day and in every way. Envision your true nature gliding through life with peace and love for all living things!

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