Beary Nice!

At the base of a very steep hill, a young black bear walks gracefully along a low slow flowing creek bed. She is medium build, not fully grown and absolutely beautiful! Her head slowly sways left, then right; up, then down as she peruses the terrain moving upstream. The earth around her is fully covered with rotting tree debris and an abundance of wild growth. Ferns, big and little burst up like water fountains; moss, dense and vibrantly coloured cover rocks and fallen trees; thorny vines wind over, under and around everything. 

I sit quietly in the middle of the creek bed, crouched down low in camouflaged clothing between a few fallen trees. I feel very safe being invisibly nestled in Mother Natures’ habitat and curiously observe the bears’ energy and actions as she starts to walk uphill away from the creek bed. In less than a minute she disappears from sight and within another minute she returns, emerging ten to fifteen feet away from me. I am being observed by her as she looks down from between two living trees rooted in a large mound of earth amidst the creek. In this moment, we gaze into each others eyes. 

I admire her from head to toe, feeling like we were old friends who had not seen each other for a long time. Our sense of synchronicity brought a strong sense of oneness between us. There were no differences energetically at all. My calm and peaceful presence along with playful and curious inner child felt a divine connection with the bear!

Bears symbolize the power of unconscious, our inner knowing that comes through sensory perceptions. I inherently knew our connection without giving it a single thought. I felt our precious relationship and the immense gift of the moment! 

As my adult thinking mind came into action, I decided to leave her be and scramble back up the hill. I stopped twice to look back and observe what she was doing. At first glance, she was slowly walking down a slim diagonally fallen tree trunk and at second glance, she was scampering uphill with delightfully playful energy! Without a doubt, she had mirrored the inner child within me and she teaches us all to engage that part of us which ultimately leads us home to our true nature! 

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