mmm … MMM!

Hiking up a mountain brings wondrous views … not only from above but also from beyond and below! Overhead, the sky is vast, blue and limitless with beautiful puffy white clouds drifting ever so slowly across the horizon. Beyond are valleys and numerous mountain-scapes covered with an abundance of evergreen trees and majestic snowcaps in the distance. Below forested floors are rippling waterways, cascading creeks with water both flying and trickling down the mountain, winding left and right, up and down, over and under rocks, boulders and tree debris.

Within many waterways are side pockets of slower moving waters. These eddies and whirlpools vary in sizes and shapes with some completely covered in a frothy white foam. One large section holds a surprising creation. A mini white mountain of foam, about 8″ high and 7″ wide sits at its edge, twirling clockwise like a meditative swirling dervish dancer. As this mini mountain twirls around and around, it also floats clockwise around the entire circumference of the mini pool. Like heaven on earth, this magical mountain birthed out of the creek spins eloquently with grace and ease. It surprisingly maintains its resilient shape and strength with the winds of change. What makes this little white foamy mountain so durable? The answer is obvious! It is the invisible! What is not visible to the naked eye holds the field of pure potential! It is likely that invisible particles from within the waterway have intermingled with the rushing waters and flow of air to create a highly resilient substance!

You too can be just as resilient as this magical little mountain. Open yourself up to what you do not know and cannot ‘see’. Deep within is a vast sky of unlimited knowledge that comes from your own inner knowing! Surrender to the unknown and the sacred. Mirror the sacred energy of the little white mountain and allow the winds of change to strengthen your confidence and natural fortitude in life. Become the mountain! Now isn’t that tasty??! mmm …. MMM!!

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