Ocean in the City!

A new day has just begun. It is early morning and as the sun rises up in the sky, a magical golden glow is cast across a sizeable empty paved parking lot. Reflecting a soft orange glimmer, the pavement becomes a radiant ocean for more than 100 seagulls who regularly congregate here for their morning ritual. Half of them sit peacefully soaking in warm sun rays while the other half stand alert, observing activities around them and using their beaks to ruffle feathers under their wings. With no food sources, no water or wilderness around them, they appear to be in a natural habitat which they have adopted in our modern world.

The gulls have a significant lesson for us to learn! It appears that morning sun bathing is a good thing! So skip your shower and run out to an empty parking lot. Soak in the morning sun and then flap your wings like a seagull so you can fly freely for the rest of the day!

Just kidding!

It is evident that nature’s healing qualities are every where. We just need to look in the right direction and absorb the energy that is present. Just as the sun and outdoor air soothes and nourishes the gulls, they too can soothe and nurture us … the sun, air and birds! Make time every day to regularly breathe in the healing qualities of nature. Allow yourself to be nurtured by nature every chance you get!

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