Rainbow Mountain

In the midst of a 70,844 hectare park, a lookout reveals a beautiful low mountain at eye level and a sign board that tells the story of a devastating landslide that spontaneously happened more than 50 years ago. Today, many trees, bushes and plants have filled the once stone filled slide area. Ample greenery covers up the area revealing new life and liveliness all over.

The air is cool and winds strong. Rain and hail pelts heavily down, brushing diagonal streaks of white and grey against the dark green forested mountain side. As the rain and hail continues to pour, a flood of water sweeps the pavement at the lookout. Millions of water droplets and ice pellets dance boisterously over the smooth shallow flowing river. A great symphony of sounds, sights and sensations sweeps the area, impacting every living thing.

Clouds drift slowly across the sky. Light increases as the sun peers through thin veils of clouds, and then a rainbow appears. The rainbow is not high up in the sky but down at eye level with the lush green mountain as the backdrop. The rainbow disappears and then appears again, staying only for a few brief moments once again.

It is rare to see a rainbow so low on the horizon. It is absolutely magical seeing rainbow colours radiating brilliantly against a vastly contrasting dark green background. It is truly breathtaking! Magic happens when we least expect it. Maintain an open mind, as vast as the sky and be ready for magic to occur at any moment!

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