Naturally Free!

Out in the wilderness, a condor soars high above treetops. In the city, a condo stands tall and still amidst a grove of evergreen trees. High rises abound in big cities as forest covered hills are cleared for humans to experience what the condor gets every day: magnificent views! Ride the elevator up to the top floor and discover a whole new way of seeing life on earth!

Mindful meditation on a sundeck of a rooftop condo is an experience to behold. No longer at the base of the tree, this new vantage yields breathtaking perspectives! Birds fly towards you and around you at eye level! Their wing span looks much larger than from below and the tree tops are bursting full of unique character. No two are alike! Some are straight as an arrow while others droop softly downwards. Some are densely populated with needles while others are spindly and sparse. Some are narrow and twisty while others plump and perfectly imperfect! Most have foliage but a few have only bare branches. All have different heights and shapes. All sway gently together in the grand refreshing breeze!

Watching the trees dance for a good hour or more can shift perspectives in surprising ways. All of a sudden, these eloquent trees resemble a glorious tribe, dancing together in unison with all members literally rooted together at their foundation. Each one sways joyously next to another as birds sing, call and swoop overhead. Some birds even perch themselves on the very tip of a tree! That’s reason enough to sing out loud and proud!

What if we were to mimic these birds and trees? What if we allowed ourselves to move freely in life … to soar in open air or dance alongside others without any negative energy at all? What would life be like? What would change?

Whatever you choose, whether a bird or a tree, you certainly will be … naturally free!

bird flying animal seagull

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