Against the Flow

Waters of the great Pacific Ocean travel in and out of a fish hatchery nestled at the edge of an inlet.  Flocks of birds launch and land, sing and swoop, dip their beaks and bodies into the water. Some soar up to the tree tops, screaming their call to others while down below in the water, large salmon float in stillness, holding their bodies against downstream currents. They are returning home during their final stage of life. Their homeland is now covered with golden debris from millions of fallen leaves. Decay and end of life are everywhere even as dead fish can be seen laying sideways, nestled over underwater rocks.

To the observant eye, this is the natural cycle of life. There is no energy of sadness or despair but only acceptance and wonder from many people passing by. Young and old peer over the footbridge railing, looking down into the flowing creek. Some jump down onto the muddy bog that lines the creek to get a closer look. All faces appear neutral, neither solemn or grieving but open and curious. They see what they see.

What if we all approach life in this fashion? Imagine walking the road of life without fear, judgement and emotional reactions. Imagine remaining neutral and 100% present and accepting of life cycles. Then surely the great path of life would be easier. Like the fish, you could rest quietly in the moment and move forward when the time is right. You could continue every step of the way with courage and confidence on your journey back home to the place where you began. The human spirit, like the spirit of fishes, are all derived from the same source. Their home is our home. Their wise lesson for all of us to learn from this is to go against the flow when necessary in order to come home to our own true nature!

blue yellow and red abstract painting

Photo by Steve Johnson on

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