Dandy Lion!

It is a hot summer day. A steep hillside in the sunny Okanagan shows soil that is pale brown, arid and dusty. Even though the soil looks extremely parched, an abundance of plant life thrives on this rugged terrain. Shrubs, wild grasses and flowers of all shapes and sizes cover this beautiful sloped mural, created ‘soul-ly’ by mother nature! At the base of the hill, a footpath meanders through with one very large sphere of wispy dandelion seeds drooping over the path. If this dandelion could speak, it might say something like: “Look at me! Look at my beauty!!!”, and of course it captures the attention of all those admiring the magnificence of the area.

Looking closely at this blooming sphere, it is truly the most perfect ball. Every single strand contributes to a spectacular patterning that leaves one awe-struck. A grand geometry of lines that ultimately creates a circle, mirrors that which is sacred in life. Who would have thought that straight lines could make a perfect circle? And who would have known this sturdy stemmed creation is so vulnerable? All it takes is a gust of wind breezing through and its helicopter-like threads take flight through the air, floating up and down which ever way the currents carry it. And where ever it lands may be where it germinates and gives life to yet another new generation of this floral wonder.

Human life can likened to this dandelion. Humans are extremely resilient and adaptable, capable of being both firmly grounded in roots yet also vulnerable to the winds of life. Hence, we can remain solidly grounded regardless the winds of change. Just like the seeds that eventually float away, we can let go parts of ourselves and surrender to the flow of life. The winds of change often takes our breath away and leave us in a surprising new place, much different than what we anticipated. This place may be dandy or not and if we muster our lion-like qualities, we can maintain our own sense of power over change rather than feel victim to it. If we roar with the winds in subtle ways we can certainly mirror the power of mother nature! We can thrive regardless of external changes, planting new seeds for evolving towards our true potential!

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